Artist Statement

Marianne R. Williamson - Fiber Artist
Marianne R. Williamson

My work and my philosophy of living.

Life is always changing in one way or another and the world around me is always moving, swaying in the breeze, or changed by light.

Light, and movement are the main subjects that I have been portraying all my life.

Space has also become a focus of my work in the last 10 years. This also involves light, either the light from the sun or explosions that happened light years away from us.

Even water reflections involve light on water. Light under the sea or shining down through water to the streambed below, it all is a recurring theme.

I was raised in Switzerland where the sun is hidden by clouds for long periods of time, so I left for East Africa to teach there when I was 22. I have been following the sun all my adult life. Whether it was to Florida, or west to Denver, then to New Mexico, I was still looking for light. Light on rocks, in the west, is a recurring theme; light on water comes back all the time as well. The light filtered through trees in a forest, is another topic that interests me.

Somehow I equate light with happiness! It is also a sign of optimism. “Happiness is a decision”. I don’t know who said it first, but I try to live by it; for the sake of my children, grandchildren and myself.