Marianne R. Williamson

Marianne was born in California but grew up in Geneva Switzerland.

Marianne started taking art lessons at 15 and spent 2 years in Paris concentrating on art history. This classical education served as a good foundation for the degree in Art from L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Geneva, Switzerland.

After graduating, there was an opportunity to teach in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for a year in an International School. It was a fascinating year for a 23-year-old to see the different cultures in East Africa

When Marianne moved to New York, she continued to work and sell art at the shows until she moved to Florida with her 3 children

Textiles were incorporated in 1980 and, and it has been the focus of Marianne’s work ever since.

Movement and light are the main theme. The work changes depending on where Marianne is at that moment

Marianne has lived in Denver, Jackson Hole, and New Mexico, Florida, and Alabama.

The light and movement are constant themes  but the technique stays the same.

Marianne has incorporated her knowledge of painting and quilting into her wall hangings. This style has been developed over  years of hard work and has become a very distinctive style.

Marianne Ice Dyes her cottons and silks, then raw edge appliques the fabrics to form the textile wall hanging. It gets quilted extensively, and the thread border is applied.

Some of the details are painted to have a seamless look

Marianne’s textiles have been accepted into all the main Art Quilt Shows all over the US and abroad. Her work can be seen at the Kalled Gallery in Wolfeboro New Hampshire

Marianne R. Williamson is a Juried Member of the Studio Quilters Association (SAQA)