My intention for creating and teaching this class is to share my experience and technique in fun liberating workshop environments for textile artists.

Plan Overview

Practice:The creation of textile art via the use of fabrics as paint.

Name of Campaign:Light
Subject Matter:How light affects art and lends itself to new ideas in such a way that the elements and principals of a piece are not determined by a tangible object. Therefore, said determination is the result of an artist’s personal impression, interpretation, time of day and, mood.


To create a stimulating one or two day experience of playing with fabrics of all kinds using photographs and fabrics brought by the student. I will explain and cover my process through visual examples of work at various stages of development. The workshop is designed to be an interactive and educational introduction to composition, techniques, and specifically how light can be incorporated into textile art.

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For Example:

Marianne Williamson teachingIn a one day workshop, I would begin with a verbal introduction and demonstration by laying ironed pieces of hand painted, or batik fabric on a flat table, and “auditioning fabrics” while concurrently taking time to look at the composition, colors, and values while pinning each piece in order to “stabilize” the pieces in place (they are not fused at any time in my process so the work can be changed at any time throughout the process). The end result will be a pinned piece of art work that is ready to be stabilized on a sewing machine.
In a two day workshop, the students will learn how to zigzag around each piece of fabric using invisible monofilament thread in order to tack down their work. If time allows, students will be invited to try my technique of thread painting (which I will have previously gone over on the sewing machine).

The last demonstration that I give, is my border done on Solvy. I will have examples to show the different stages of using thread only to create a border.

Enjoyed meeting you and learning so many wonderful techniques in your class at Asilomar with Empty Spools Seminars.